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Our Unique Methodology
Our unique methodology employs a three-phase development process, which provides our clients with a framework designed to minimize disruption of their day-to-day operations. We believe that the development of a successful e-Business Solution involves gaining an in-depth understanding of your business strategy and process. It is with this in mind that we have developed a methodology that keeps the clients' needs, expectations and motivations in focus throughout the project cycle. Our Implementation Methodology provides a consistent and reliable framework to minimize any associated risks and effectively deliver e-Business Solutions that meet your business objectives.

Phase 1 - Design the Solution
We begin with key members of your organization's executive team to identify or refine the e-Business vision, and develop an understanding of the key business processes and corporate goals. We conduct a series of surveys, interviews and workshops - which can include a mix of your key personnel, customers and suppliers. We then assess competitive and financial risks, review business models and create a roadmap that outlines the direction, steps and milestones for your e-Business Solution. Once we have clearly defined your objectives, we translate the operational plan into a technical blueprint of your e-Business Solution. The components of the plan and blueprint are based on the strategy developed during the workshops and include:

Site Architecture
Interface Design
Technical Specifications for Interface, Software Development
Technical Environment
Description of General Operational and Organizational Functions
Detailed Workflow and Technical Recommendations
Critical Success Factors
The result is a comprehensive roadmap for design, development and deployment that enables rapid delivery of your e-Business Solution on time and on budget.

Phase 2 - Create the Solution
Once the blueprint is complete, our development team begins building your e-Business Solution. We start with an in-depth analysis of the technical requirements, and then we assign a development team consisting of individual specialists in the various technical components. During this process, our team moves into a seamless integration of the various architecture components, such as: coding, software development, interface and technical environment. Once the development is complete, we subject the Solution to vigorous testing, interaction reviews and user acceptance. We then, set-up the project to a live environment and train your team on all the working functions.

Phase 3 - Operate the Solution
Our Application Hosting Solutions enable you to deploy your e-Business Solution quickly and affordably, without procuring and managing your own applications, servers, and networks. You can employ best-of-breed technologies, pay for services on a convenient monthly basis. And avoid burdening your internal IT staff. All through a single point of accountability. We provide dedicated support and services for hardware, network infrastructure, and operating systems designed to meet your budgetary, scalability and availability requirements.

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