Enabling and Empowering Employees

Enabling and Empowering Employees

Employees are the heart of every organization. The employer-employee relationship must be strong and sustained to ensure the continued success of a company. From recruiting and development to administration and support, the Internet can help companies build global organizations by adding value to all aspects of the employee relationship.

ISO-SOFT creates a strategic context for eBusiness by helping clients develop innovative answers to their most critical questions:

  • How can my company project its image and recruiting needs to our target audience?
  • What Internet resources can be used to enhance our recruiting efforts?
  • How do we give our employees direct interaction with HR?
  • How can we use the intranet to collect and disseminate knowledge throughout the organization?
  • Is the Internet a viable training tool?

ISO-SOFT is positioned to work with you to implement answers to these questions. Our team of business, creative and technical strategists is ready to help you:

  • Design compelling and informative intranet and Internet systems for communications, knowledge management and online transactions
  • Develop custom systems, implement software packages and integrate Web-based applications with your existing systems
  • Integrate your intranet with back-office systems such as payroll and human resources
  • Integrate your intranet with third-party systems such as insurance and 401(k) providers

Customer Relationships

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Whether its business-to-consumer or business-to-business, the issue is the same — how do you leverage the Internet across the customer life cycle to initiate, form and strengthen your customer relationships?

We address the entire life cycle from attraction to information, transaction and service. In business-to-consumer and business-to-business situations, ISO-SOFT's team works with marketing, sales and customer service organizations to develop and carry out innovative strategies that better project your brand, enhance customer relationships and improve customer loyalty.

ISO-SOFT creates a strategic context for e-business by helping clients develop innovative answers to their most critical questions:


  • How can eBusiness be used to develop stronger ties to customers and open the door to cross-selling products or services?
  • How can companies differentiate themselves online?
  • What can companies do to further their Web presence?
  • How should companies integrate their Web presence with transaction-based functions such as order entry and fulfillment?
  • Can my company shift to a direct-to-consumer model? If so, how do you resolve channel conflict issues?

Armed with a sound strategy, ISO-SOFT is positioned to work with you to implement answers to these questions. From the highly creative to the deeply technical, ISO-SOFT's team can help you:


  • Develop and project an online brand
  • Design, implement, monitor and evaluate comprehensive advertising programs
  • Create a compelling, informative online user experience
  • Develop and nurture online alliances and communities
  • Provide high-touch online customer service
  • Enable your Web presence with purchasing, trading and auction capabilities
  • Integrate your Web presence with front-office systems such as sales force automation and call centers
  • Integrate your Web presence with transaction processing systems such as inventory management and accounting
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