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Strategy Development

ISO-SOFT 's wide range of eBusiness solutions can be grouped into the following three areas:

Strategy development

  • Strategy execution
  • Ongoing support
  • Strategy Development

ISO-SOFT helps clients develop enterprise-wide, functional area and brand strategies that capitalize on eBusiness concepts and technologies to improve or transform their business. Once strategies are developed, we work with clients to create business plans for the implementation phase.
Our expertise helps clients understand how to use eBusiness concepts and technologies to achieve operating efficiencies, open new and more effective lines of communication with customers and suppliers, enhance competitive advantages and otherwise incorporate the Internet and electronic commerce into their businesses.

Our strategy work includes:

  • Business Strategy - We analyze the economic structures of industries and businesses and help our clients establish financial and other goals. We also screen alliance and acquisition choices, analyze customers and markets, conduct competitive and pricing analyses and provide pricing strategies.
  • Marketing Strategy - We provide profiles and guidance about the structure of our clients' markets and suggest ways to promote and distribute products and services. We also identify and construct opportunities for partnering with other businesses and develop ways to increase Internet site traffic.
  • Procurement Strategy - We help clients analyze the applicability of e-procurement initiatives to their business. We also design e-procurement strategies, identify potential software and application service providers (ASPs), and develop plans for implementation.
  • Technology Strategy - We provide suggestions on technology systems, selection of tools for managing an Internet site, ways to communicate with customers and suppliers and technology-related partnerships and alliances.
  • Branding and Identity - We identify branding goals and analyze market positioning for our clients and plan for the development, testing and establishment of their online brands. We also coordinate Internet and non-Internet branding efforts and develop plans for communicating to clients' customers.

Strategy Execution
With a well-developed plan in place, ISO-SOFT subsequently works with clients to execute the strategy. This includes designing, developing and implementing solutions required to meet the client's objectives. The solutions range from brand and corporate identity development to interactive media campaigns, Web site development, robust electronic commerce applications, secure extranets and enterprise-wide intranet applications.

Services we perform include:

  • Intellectual Product Development - We create designs, graphics and Internet site plans and assist clients in developing and installing content on their sites.
  • Internet Marketing - We create marketing programs for our clients' Internet sites, which focus on expanding customer bases and enhancing revenues, market positions and profitability.
  • Customer Development, Measurement and Analysis - We develop methods for measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of our clients' Internet enterprise. We design and install Internet and electronic commerce software applications to help clients target, acquire and retain customers, expand customer relationships and generate new business and demand for services. We also design and install Internet and electronic commerce software applications to measure sales cycles, manage the life cycle of a customer relationship, analyze pricing and tactics and evaluate sales-force efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Technology Development - We build and install the Internet and electronic commerce software applications needed by our clients to achieve their marketplace goals. We help identify all requirements for building and maintaining an Internet site. We also help our clients use Internet and electronic commerce technology to build flexible, adaptable systems.
  • Internet Integration - We integrate the Internet software applications with existing systems in other areas of the client's business. We integrate Internet software applications for back-office systems relating to customer service, pricing, purchasing, shipping, inventory, order fulfillment and information systems. We also integrate corporate intranets and extranets.
  • Electronic Commerce Management - We help clients design and install Internet-based software applications for handling electronic order management and transaction processing.
  • Content and Product Development Management Tools - We help clients create, support and manage their Internet sites and electronic commerce systems, perform quality control on, and automatically update electronic content, and develop databases to support current and archived electronic content.
  • Security - We plan, implement and audit security practices to protect our clients' systems from unauthorized access and intrusion.

Ongoing Support
Once a solution is in place and operating, ISO-SOFT works with the client to continually update and support the eBusiness solution. This includes monitoring and analyzing performance, modifying campaigns based on results, keeping content fresh and relevant, incorporating new capabilities and monitoring competitor sites. The Internet applications ISO-SOFT supports typically are hosted by our clients or a third-party hosting service.

Ongoing support services we provide include:

  • Content Services - We manage some or all of the content on our clients' Internet sites, including that which is static or continuously updated for entire sites or subsections.
  • Application Management - We work with clients to continually tune, enhance and extend their Internet-based applications.
  • Research Services and Market Analysis - We prepare ongoing studies of the effectiveness of our clients' Internet sites. We develop focus groups, surveys and analyses comparing our clients' sites with competitor sites using sophisticated research and analysis techniques.
  • Placement of Advertising Media - We help clients place their advertising media by designing and creating advertisements, identifying where to place advertisements and procuring space for the media.
  • Business Processes - We assess the various business processes of an electronic enterprise and advise clients how the processes should be performed or improved. The areas we assess include order fulfillment, billing, human resources, customer order flow, public relations and warehousing.
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