Strategy Development

ISO-SOFT 's wide range of eBusiness solutions can be grouped into the following three areas:

Strategy development

ISO-SOFT helps clients develop enterprise-wide, functional area and brand strategies that capitalize on eBusiness concepts and technologies to improve or transform their business. Once strategies are developed, we work with clients to create business plans for the implementation phase.
Our expertise helps clients understand how to use eBusiness concepts and technologies to achieve operating efficiencies, open new and more effective lines of communication with customers and suppliers, enhance competitive advantages and otherwise incorporate the Internet and electronic commerce into their businesses.

Our strategy work includes:

Strategy Execution
With a well-developed plan in place, ISO-SOFT subsequently works with clients to execute the strategy. This includes designing, developing and implementing solutions required to meet the client's objectives. The solutions range from brand and corporate identity development to interactive media campaigns, Web site development, robust electronic commerce applications, secure extranets and enterprise-wide intranet applications.

Services we perform include:

Ongoing Support
Once a solution is in place and operating, ISO-SOFT works with the client to continually update and support the eBusiness solution. This includes monitoring and analyzing performance, modifying campaigns based on results, keeping content fresh and relevant, incorporating new capabilities and monitoring competitor sites. The Internet applications ISO-SOFT supports typically are hosted by our clients or a third-party hosting service.

Ongoing support services we provide include:

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