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Maximizing the Supplier Relationship

A company's supply chain often represents tremendous opportunity for productivity improvement, cost savings and improved information flow. From need identification to sourcing, specification, purchasing and fulfillment, opportunities abound to apply Internet and extranet technologies to capitalize on supplier relationships.

ISO-SOFT creates a strategic context for eBusiness by helping clients develop innovative answers to their most critical questions:

  • Can I drive costs and time out of the procurement cycle?
  • Can reverse auctions be used to obtain better pricing?
  • Should I integrate my processes and systems with those of my suppliers? 
  • If so, how?
  • How can I use the Web to analyze purchasing habits, quality and pricing metrics to improve my results?
  • What are the implications of eBusiness on business processes and supplier relationships?

ISO-SOFT is positioned to help you implement the answers to these questions. Our team of business, creative and technical strategists is ready to help you:

  • Design, develop and implement secure supplier extranets
  • Select, install and customize e-procurement, auction and other purchasing related software
  • Design and implement document management systems to control and communicate specifications and contracts
  • Integrate your Web-based purchasing systems with back-office systems such as inventory and accounting
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