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Social Media skills courses

Growth Your Career With Social Media

1.Essentials of an Effective e marketing Strategy
2.Building a professional-looking and customized your website
3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO). how to Optimizing Your Website?
4.Creating Content with a Purpose
5.The Anatomy of a Landing Page
6.Sending the Right Email
7.The Fundamentals of Blogging
8.Monitoring and reporting
9.Use of social media for international business development
10.Affiliate marketing and increasing Web site traffic
11.How To Build An Audience
12.Gaining more exposure online using the latest growth marketing techniques.
13.Developing an engaged social network and building your first 1000 email subscribers.
14.Amplifying Your Content with different Social Media channels
15.Organizing and Specifying Sales Process time
16.Perfecting the Conversation Process
17.Creating Happy Customers and publishing customer reviews


Adobe Master Collection cc

This 24-hour online collection provides you with the skills and knowledge required to create different types of media

    1. Overview on Different types of media
    2. Focusing on the main features for media.
    3. Advertising Campaigns
    4. Corporate identity 
    5. Mental image and branding.
    6. Focusing on the offset printing and printing techniques. 
    7. Finalizing the printed files and the prepress procedures.

 Topics covered in this collection include

    1.  Adobe bridge interface descript 
    2. Adobe bridge main feat us & data Analysis
    3. Adobe bridge Meta &XMP generator & keywords &search options
    4. Automated tasks, scripts and actions 
    5. Photoshop interface, panels & main feature
    6. Tools overview
    7. Design & Layout introduction
    8. Image retouch & adjustment tools
    9. Type & type Graphics Adjustment layout check spelling , letter case , columns paragraphs format & editing
    10. Color palettes type & usability 
    11. Gradients effects & styles , editing , usability & creating costuming new pallets
    12. Layers order , arrange , Groups , Masks
    13. Drawing paths using pea tool
    14. Channels / color separates' , overview in Details
    15. Brushes& Brash customization & Brash presets
    16. Patters /editing /creating & Dealing with Diffract types of pattern
    17. Filters & smart Filters
    18. Photoshop relation & integration with other programs Adobe illustrator , freehand and Adobe In Design 
    19. Selection & Editing creating & customization selection 
    20. Color profile and Color descriptor.
    21.  case Advertising Design
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Creativity and innovation course

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